When the Unspeakable Happens

As I learned about the explosions near the Boston Marathon Finish line, my heart sank and my stomach turned in knots — much like the rest of America.  Then those feelings turned to fear, is this THE act or just the beginning of something?

What do we do as a nation when the unspeakable happens? When those who have trained their bodies to run in a marathon are all of a sudden victims of a terrorist attack. The first thing we seem to do is band together.  This happened to our country. Then we try and find an offender.  Who did this to Us? For a moment in time, we are all family.

You will see on twitter, FaceBook, google plus many ideas of who it is and what should be done to those who are offenders of this sort of violence. Those that prey on the innocent.  It is very hard to see good or have mercy on those who do not seem to want it. But for those who are left behind, the families of those who were injured, what will happen for them?

It will be interesting to see what restorative justice groups will try and do for those who were harmed directly — but as a nation as a whole… what sort of restorative justice practices can be done to help all of us become “whole again”? What can we do to restore our feelings of being violated?

Thoughts and Prayers go out to those in the race and for the rest of us… because this is where we decide how to respond.


One thought on “When the Unspeakable Happens

  1. When stories like these come to light, I go back to the steadfast belief that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. The countless stories of people opening their homes and hearts to the runners and those affected by the tragedy made me proud and humbled. It seems to me that character is defined in moments of trial, and Boston’s character really emerged in the midst of that horrible event. I am so appreciative of programs like DVSD that exist to help people uncover their good, inspiring characters in the face of adversity and great challenges. Keep up the awesome work!

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