Miley was not the only one on stage…..

While I am among those who will agree that the outfits and dancing from Miley Cyrus was, well, gross and disgusting – yes, you are not Hannah Montana anymore, not a Disney star anymore, want to be taken seriously, I am a grown up and if you don’t believe me I will go on TV in a bikini and dirty dance for you…. we get it. And unlike most of the blogs that I have seen on the matter, I will not post a link to the youtube video or post a photo…. I find that odd… “this is offensive to see, so take a look…”

But what is REALLY bugging me is that I have yet to read from many “hey, is there a reason that a 37 year old man can’t look at Miley during rehearsals and say ‘are you sure that this is the attention that you want?” and “this is not the attention that I want” Robin Thicke was JUST as much of the performance as Miley was and yet the 20 year old woman is getting 90% of the backlash (statistics deduced and created by me)

Google Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke today and check out the headlines “Parents Television Council blast Miley Cyrus, MTV”, “Miley Cyrus rebrands herself with raunchy VMA shocker”, “Miley Cyrus and the Sexual Hazing of American Pop Stars” vs. “Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ Inspired by Marvin Gaye”. “Blurred Lines number one on Billboard for 12th Week” and “Robin Thicke and Family take Vacation after VMA Controversy”.

Soooo, two people were on that stage, one is involved in the sexual hazing of American pop stars and the other has a number one song on Billboard.  Why are the stories about the shocking VMA performance weighted anti Miley? When are we going to realize that there were two people on that stage and two people are responsible for the act. 

The prevalent misogynistic attitude surrounding acts that these two people engage in as well as acts of violence toward women are not going away until men make some very intentional decisions about behavior toward women. Further, society — and that includes the press — need to think about where we place blame. She might have been doing the twerking, but he was being twerked (if those are the proper uses of the verbs.. it is very new to Websters we all learned yesterday).

I saw many facebook posts about talking to daughters about Miley and not repeating… I wish that there were equally as many posts stating the need to talk to their sons about roles that men play in objectification and the role that society plays in it’s disproportionate blame on women vs. men. 



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