Do-gooders should be able to do good… safely.

A Phoenix woman was teaching convicts in prison in order to help them obtain their GED’s. She was stabbed and rapped inside the prison bathroom by a convicted sex offender. She was a civilian who was left unattended for a very long time which gave the rapist time to attack her without any officers coming to her aid.

“State prison officials, however, dismiss the concerns. They say the assault at the prison about 60 miles southeast of Phoenix is a risk that comes with the job of overseeing violent prison inmates.”

This is ridiculous comment. For those of us who believe in change and that many (I am NOT claiming all) who are convicted of crimes can find a new path, not having the support of an administration in the pursuit of reducing criminals — and thus victims of crime – is atrocious. There are those who are not going to change and, of course, there are psychopaths housed in the prison system. However, those in the system that want to change should be able to have access to programs — which is beneficial to the common good — and those who are supplying the programs should be able to do so in a secure environment.

It is not unreasonable for those of us who work with offenders of violence to receive support and help from prison and community corrections officials in our endeavors to seek out the offenders who can be changed.

If we change the behaviors of just 10% of those in prison, the positive effects on society when they are released is immeasurable. In the case of domestic violence, offenders can move on to new, positive  relationships. The domino effect of the positive behaviors they can learn is huge. Not only in their future relationships, but also the learned behaviors that they can teach their children. They can break the cycle.

I do hope that other counties speak out against this prison and their practices and encourage the use of programs, such as DVSD, that make a difference in behaviors which leads to less victims and thus, a better society as a whole.

I do hope…


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