Every Two Minutes

Imagine if the AP News app on your phone alerted you EVERY TWO MINUTES for just ONE hour with the following news:

“A woman in Detroit was just abused by her husband” 2 minutes later “A mother in Tallahassee, Florida was thrown out of a car by her boyfriend” 2 minutes later “A woman was found unconscious in her kitchen in Austin, Texas. Boyfriend suspected” 2 minutes later “A man just found the windows of his car smashed  by a jealous girlfriend” 2 minutes later “A woman and her 4 children fled their home to find shelter when husband threatened them with a gun” 2 minutes later “A man was just rushed to the hospital with a stab wound to the leg inflicted by his wife in Portland, Oregon” 2 minutes later “Man who stalked his wife for four months is sitting outside of her house and she is terrified to go to work in Portland, Maine” 2 minutes later “Woman is crying quietly because her husband just told her again that she is worthless and lucky that he puts up with her stupidity in Nashville, Tennessee” … and that’s just the first 15 minutes of the hour.

Would you look around the room to see who was around you that could possibly be next on the list? You should.  Would you be shocked and wonder if this is an epidemic? You should.

Every two minutes someone is abused by their partner. It is in your social circle. It is an epidemic.

You can get involved. dvsdprogram.org/whattodo


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